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The second of the 6 Dyslexic Thinking Skills

The second of the 6 Dyslexic Thinking Skills is imagining. How are Dyslexics good at imagining? This unique ability stems from their extraordinary 3D picture thinking brain which allows them to view objects, in their minds eye, from all angles, including, from underneath, without physically touching the item - or even having the item there in front of them. It might interest you to know, that not all people can do that! This skill is also a trait of those with AD/HD, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and autism.


IMAGINING: Creating an original piece of work, or giving ideas a new spin (84% of dyslexics are above average at Imagining).

Creating: creating completely original work from your imagination. Examples: Designers, Artists, Composers, Writers.

Interpreting: using imagination to give ideas a new twist, or bring out a fresh angle. Examples: Actor, Advertiser, PR, Director, Photographer.

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