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Can dyslexia be prevented?

We believe that if individuals are given the right tools early enough in their education, the problems associated with dyslexia can be prevented. That is, children can learn to read and write and keep up in school, if they are taught with methods that are a good match for their learning style. These would include tools to prevent disorientation. That is also the theory behind our Davis Learning Strategies methods for primary level classrooms.

Dyslexia is strongly hereditary ( so if you are dyslexic, have AD/HD or are dyscalculic, there is a 50% chance your biological children will be.

Davis methods have been tried and tested and it has been discovered that in a class that solely learn through Davis methods, there is a 90.3% pass rate, whereas, in a non Davis class setting the scores are about 72%. The remaining 10% were of new children to the school who had not had Davis instruction. The study surmised that Davis works for all and actually increased the gifted and talented percentages by 35.

If you are interested in the Davis Young Learner programme for 5-7 year olds, and want a solid foundation for you child to be able to build upon, then call me on 078234 71801 or visit my website

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