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A different way of thinking calls for a different way of learning!

"At Dyslexia's root is a natural ability, a talent. Dyslexia is not a complexity. It is a compound of simple factors which can be dealt with step-by-step." by Ronald D Davis

The Davis® Dyslexia Programme is designed to be the step-by-step process that accesses that natural ability.

* Experience how to pay attention and focus on tasks;

* Discover how to control your energy levels for different tasks, using simple techniques;

* Learn how to calm your emotional response and reduce confusion;

* Adopt a different reading method to reduce mistakes and improve reading comprehension;

* Use your creative abilities to address confusion with symbols. words and concepts;

* Gain self-management tools to recognise and address the learning difficulties;

...The first thing I noticed was as soon as my daughter started the Davis method her confidence skyrocketed and has really stayed up. Since doing the programme her marks, especially for English, have really improved. She recently got 100% in her English GCSE controlled assessment and at her last parents evening her English teacher asked me "What has she done, it's like she's not dyslexic anymore?" and it is true that her spelling is now fine. These massive changes in spelling and confidence has meant that her motivation has also really gone up. I would say that doing the Davis method has really changed my daughters life.

Annie, Powys (mother)

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