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3 of 6 Dyslexic Thinking Styles

So, How else are neurodivergent learners better?

COMMUNICATING: Crafting & conveying clear & engaging messages. (71% of dyslexics are above average at Communicating).

Explaining: assessing situations/information & explaining clearly to other people. Examples: Journalist, Marketeer, Politician, Teacher, Campaigner.

Storytelling: creating vivid & engaging experiences in words, pictures or other media. Examples: Author, Writer, Games Developer, Song Writer, Film Maker.

Do you know someone or maybe you are excellent at communicating - for example, could you sell water to a fish? You definitely have a great skill if you could.

But do you have other areas in your life where you struggle. For example: Organisation, punctuality, focus, reading, writing.

Would you like to be as proficient in other, less well developed, areas - in 5-8 days?

Ask me how I can help.

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